The occupation of the Philippines by the U.S.A in the late XIX century lead to the creation of a strong anti-Spanish propaganda campaign. These masters in propaganda spread lies, exaggerations and misconceptions of the Spanish period in the Philippines. Far from being perfect/good/ideal… (ad here the adjective you believe), the reality is far different from the image propagated by the North American propaganda.

In this section I aim to share with you real facts about the Spanish period, supported by evidence that I will present (and not like the anti-Spanish show in Intramuros, that is supported only by special effects).

A more balanced review of the Philippine history in the last centuries is needed, so that Filipinos will be able to value and understand and value the heritage left in the archipelago by those people came from the other side of the world. That does not mean, of course, not being critic as well.


2 respuestas a Propaganda

  1. Jose Varela dijo:

    The Philippines were invaded by The United States on May 1st 1898. The treaty of Paris was signed by Spain and The United States on December 10th 1898 and came into effect on April 11th 1899. By this treaty, Spain ceded Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guam to The United States. It was the beginning of The United States as a colonial power. So, the occupation was at the end of the XIX century not in the early , or, if you prefer, could be written in the early XX century. You may choose the more appropriate word. And, congratulations for this new web. I wish you all the best.

    • Thank you José, very well pointed indeed 🙂 I will change it and will be more careful from now on (proof-reading before publishing).
      I am now reading “War lovers”, by Evan Thomas, that explains from a very particular and well documented point of view how the USA started that war.


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